Our mission is to instill great values and a love of creation into everyone across the world and to provide content that inspires in a manner which will compete with the greatest projects the world has ever seen.


Genesis Animation was founded by Ike Hong and Jackie Lee of MIYU Holdings. Lee Baker of Sandman Studios Entertainment and Paralight Films leads the company. The vision of Genesis Animation is to create entertainment projects which instill values and inner light on a global scale. Genesis Animation creates animated feature film and television projects and we believe technology is the future of entertainment and strive to creatively involve technology into all of our projects. You will see Genesis Animation projects in theaters, on television, on your computers, on your tablets, on your phones, in novels, in illustrated books, on apps and every other conceivable medium. We look forward to partnering with you and the world to bring Drama, Reality, Emotion, Adventure, Magic and Spectacle to the Universe.


Lee Baker of Sandman Studios Entertainment leads Genesis Animation. Lee has worked on many feature film and television projects including Race to Witch Mountain, Pushing Daisies, Grimm, Trauma, The Aquabats, Raising Hope, A Gifted Man, The Closer, iZombie and many others. His company built the X-Box video game Advent Rising with Majesco, worked with Electronic Arts on G.I. Joe, Littlest Pet Shop, Monopoly, Nerf and Connect Four and built interactive games for Stuart Little and Pirates of the Caribbean. For their work, his company has won 10 Telly Awards, 2 Davey Awards, 2 W3 Awards, 15 Horizon Awards, 5 Communicator Awards and 6 Interactive Media Awards. Lee is the author of the novel Speed of Light and the illustrated books Humbug, A Christmas Carol and Beau and the Beanstalk.